Hudson Rug Cleaning, Inc. includes a One Year Warranty on Carpet and Fabric Protector.  For details, CLICK HERE.

Hudson Rug Cleaning includes a Maxim Carpet and Fabric Protection One Year Warranty

We include a Maxim Carpet and Fabric Protection One Year Warranty

Microseal Permanent Fabric Protection For a more complete protection of your fabrics and carpets, Hudson Rug Cleaning offers
MicroSeal Permanent Fabric Protection which provides stain, sun-fade and wear resistance.  MicroSeal was originally developed to imitate the natural protection of sheep’s wool.  It works equally well on all natural and synthetic fibers. CLICK HERE for more information.

Fluorochemicals with acid dye resistors

The protectors used by Hudson Rug  are Fluorochemicals with acid dye resistors. The fluorochemical products form a protective coating on the carpet fibers that helps keep dirt from lodging itself within the fibers. This product has outstanding dry-soil resistance, along with resistance to wet soil, water-based stains and oil-based soils. Your carpet and upholstery will stay cleaner and brighter approximately 20% longer with an application of protector.

The advantages of using these protectors are:

1. Dirt or soil tends to remain on top of fabrics when treated with Fluorochemicals and can usually be vacuumed away.

2. Treated fabrics give an opportunity to remove spills before they are absorbed into the fiber.

3. A liquid spill on a treated fabric is more easily removed if spotted immediately.

4. If not cleaned immediately, then the treatment will make the spot easier to remove at a later date.

5. Soil release is much improved when cleaning fabrics treated with fluorochernicals.

Acid dye resistors to protect Nylon carpet.

The acid dye resistor is a compound that acts almost as a clear dye, filling the remaining dye sites after the normal dye procedures. Filling all the dye sites renders the fiber resistant to acid dyes that can attach to vacant dye sites and causing permanent stains.

The acid dye resistor and the fluorochemical are subject to wear and reduction in effectiveness on nylon carpet. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning every 12-18 months and that a fluorochemical protector be reapplied after cleaning. Also, even when the carpet is at its peak, it is not resistant to some stains. Some insecticides will stain nylon carpet, as will bleaches and products containing Benzoyl Peroxide.

The carpet and upholstery protectors used by Hudson Rug  are odor-free, safe for humans and pets and are effective on all types of carpet fiber and upholstery fabrics.


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