Get answers to your questions about the services from Hudson Rug Cleaning  from these FAQs

1. How long will my carpet take to dry?

On an average, your carpet will dry in approximately 4 – 6 hours.

2. Should I wear shoes or socks when the carpet is damp?

Wearing clean shoes and/or socks on damp carpet is acceptable, but keep in mind that carpet will soil easier when it is damp.

3. How long should I leave the tabs/Styrofoam blocks under the furniture?

Remove the plastic tabs/Styrofoam blocks only when your carpet is completely dry.

4. What temperature should 1 keep the thermostat on for ideal drying?

There is no need to adjust the temperature in your home or business; your carpet will dry at average room temperatures.

5. What is the best approach for proper ventilation?

Ventilation for proper drying will depend on the humidity levels in your rooms. Your technician will be available to answer any questions on ventilation.

6. How many hoses are required inside my house?

You can expect to have two (one water hose and one vacuum hose) in your home.

7. Will the cleaning agents harm my animals or children?

All products used by Hudson Rug Cleaning, Inc., are completely safe for humans and animals.

8. Will the carpet protector prolong the drying time?

Depending on humidity levels in the room, protected carpet may dry at a slower rate.

9. I have a reoccurring spot issue, what should I do?

 For assistance with a reoccurring spot, please give Hudson Rug Cleaning, Inc. a call.

10. Is your company insured?

Hudson Rug Cleaning, Inc. is fully insured.

11. Will your cleaning methods eliminate allergens?

Our cleaning methods will greatly improve the air quality in your home or business.

12. What timeframe should I follow in order to keep up the maintenance of my carpet and furniture?

On an average, we recommend cleaning your carpet every 12 to 18 months. The timeframe for cleaning furniture will vary, depending on usage.

13. Is the drying time the same for both my carpet and furniture?

The drying time for carpet and furniture will vary, depending on the cleaning method used.

14. Why is the cost of cleaning my furniture higher than cleaning my carpet?

Because our technicians generally encounter more challenges when cleaning furniture, costs tend to be slightly higher.

15. What things should I move and what can I do before the technicians arrive?

You may wish to move fragile, delicate items such as figurines, etc., to prevent accidental breakage. The area to be cleaned by the Hudson Rug technician should be free from toys, shoes, clothing, etc. We also suggest the carpet be vacuumed before the technicians arrive.

16. How effective is the carpet protector?

Reapplying protector will keep your carpet and furniture cleaner for a longer period of time. Also, with the protector, spots and stains are more easily removed.

17. How long in advance should I schedule an appointment?

When calling Hudson Rug to schedule a cleaning appointment, please allow 5 – 7 business days. Emergency appointments are also available, if necessary.


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