Hudson Rug Cleaning, Inc. has the Green Balance Carpet Cleaning Process available.  For details, CLICK HERE.

According to most major carpet manufacturers. steam cleaning of your carpet every 12 to 18 months is recommended to maintain the beauty and life of your carpet.


Upon arrival at your home or business, your Hudson Rug technicians will evaluate the entire carpet area focusing on problems such as high-traffic areas, spots, staining, odor- causing sections and everyday soiling, in order to properly determine the best methods to pretreat and clean your carpet. Also, your technicians will determine whether vacuuming of the area will be necessary.

Cleaning Options

After evaluation, your technicians will discuss the various cleaning options available to you and the total cost of the services they will provide. Prior to steam cleaning, your technicians will carefully move your furniture away from the designated work areas.


We then pretreat your carpet, steps and walkways before steam cleaning begins. The pretreatment procedure is necessary to loosen and suspend soil trapped in the carpet fibers.  This way the dirt will be more easily removed during the cleaning process. We provide pretreatment of soiled areas at no extra charge. Our steam cleaning methods consist of our state-of-the-art truck-mounted, hot-water extraction machines, generating water temperatures well over 230 degrees F., ensuring the deepest possible cleaning action. 

When necessary, our Rotary Jet Extractor is used to treat heavily soiled areas. We apply a fiber rinse which leaves the carpet with a neutral Ph factor. This is done prior to application of carpet protector . Carpet and furniture protector is available to you at a cost of 50% of your total cleaning bill. We assure our clients that all cleaning agents, neutralizers and protectors used by Hudson Rug Cleaning are safe for you, your children and pets.


Once complete, your technicians will return your furniture to its original location, placing clear plastic tabs and/or small Styrofoam blocks beneath the furniture to avoid direct contact with damp carpet. This is necessary in order to protect your carpet from furniture polishes, oils or stains while, at the same time, protecting your furniture from residual carpet moisture. Plastic tabs and Styrofoam blocks can be removed once the carpet is thoroughly dry. In most cases and depending on humidity levels, your estimated drying time will be approximately four to six hours.

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