Tile & Grout

Your kitchen, bathroom or basement tile and grout will be thoroughly evaluated by the Hudson Rug Cleaning technicians, who will focus on possible problem areas such as cracks in tile and weaknesses in the grout, etc. We pay special attention to the tile and grout for it’s strength and clean-ability.

In most cases, prior to cleaning, the tile and grout will be pretreated with an alkaline pre-spray and steam cleaned with our state-of-the-art truck-mounted unit using hot water. The water pressure used will range from 400 to 1,400 lbs. Your tile and grout will dry completely in approximately one hour.

Finally, Hudson Rug Cleaning recommends the application of sealant to your grout in order to assure the durable, long-lasting protection it needs. This sealant is available at an additional charge.